Welcome to the Complete Conversions Company – The Basement Specialist.

Based in central Leeds, CCC is here to provide our clients with a professional, thorough service regardless of the size of job. As our motto clearly states “big or small – One call takes care of it all”. From the moment we receive Your enquiry, our dedicated team and project manager will begin to liaison with you to ascertain you requirements. Whether they are concepts or actual plans awaiting construction, we will have them set into motion without further delay.

Basement Specialists

Another one of the more specialist services CCC has to offer its clients is basement conversions. Successful tanking requires specialist knowledge and use of high quality materials. We employ a team who are dedicated and trained in tanking basements using various methods. Depending on the severity of the damp we will use the appropriate damproof membrane to eliminate any damp from re-occurring. In more hazardous situations CCC will implement sumps, pumps and alarm systems to stop any chance of flooding. As part of the conversion we can also excavate the ground and underpin to achieve sufficient head height and support the existing foundations if required. Once contracted CCC will allow their clients to sit back and watch over their basement being miraculously transformed from dull, dark, dreary and damp basements into habitable light airy rooms.

Our wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise from our architects, civil engineers and other specialists is available to our clients. This is to ensure that all works are carried out to their satisfaction, to the highest standards and meets current building regulations.

Testimonials from satisfied clients highlight how we have flourished over time to offer a more comprehensive service than ever before. Excellent quality workmanship at reasonable prices has become a norm, acting as foundations of our successful company.

Please browse our website for further details about the services that we can provide, or you can contact us directly by calling  0800 6 118 448.