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Welcome to Puncture Safe 2 U

We manufacture 4 different grades which are packaged comprehensively for all markets.  It has been the combination of an excellent product, consumer friendly packaging, informative point of sale material, and full back-up support and equipment that has given us so much success.

Following our phenomenal success in the UK we are now receiving numerous enquiries for Puncturesafe from all around the world and are now in the process of appointing overseas Master Licence holders.  In only 18 months since we decided to go global (mid 2010) Puncturesafe is now supplied to over 30 countries worldwide.  Prior to this we refused to supply overseas so as we could focus totally on our UK market.  We get enquiries daily for distribution of this unique product overseas, and from the remotest of locations such as Kathmandu, Nepal (next to Tibet) in the Himalayas!

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