Editing your Website

This website is specifically for people with a new website design from DCO Internet.

If you have paid to upgrade to a CMS website – where you can edit the content yourself, (perfect for anyone who wants to be in control of their website) then this page will be updated with help on how to edit your website. It also allows you to have unlimited pages on your website as you can add them yourself.

What does CMS mean ?

CMS stands for Content Management System. Your website is made up of 2 parts – the Design, and the Content. Whilst we are responsible for the website design for your website, you can be in charge of the content. We will provide an outline for your website, and can help with some content if required, but then you can change the content whenever you want.

What can I edit ?

The website look and feel is created with the design, we create this. You can update the text and images for each of the pages. You can also add new pages if you would like to.